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The peculiarity of the Vaticanum II.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the beggining of the Second Vatican Council more and more often we hear how much this council has changed the Church, how much it was needed. Nobody will pay attention to one of the most characteristic features of this event, which is the most emphatic testimony of the "speciality" of this farce.
When, in 1563, the works of the Trident Council ended, pope Pius IV and his Successors immediately embarked on implementing its decisions. In 1566 the Roman Catechism was already published, in 1568 breviary and the Missal in 1570. It was possible thanks to the clarity and transparence of the language of the conciliar documents. There were no debates organised such as: "have the true teachings of Trident been revealed?" or "have the documents been correctly interpreted?" etc. Today it's different. On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Vaticanum II many people still quarreled about what the council had really wanted to convey. And this is the peculiarity I mentioned in the title, because such a situation has not took place in the whole history of the Church. Difficulties, connected with the implementation of the Tridentine Council, which appeared in the following years were not the result of ambiguity of the documents, as it is the case of Vaticanum II, but of the resistance of then Europe to accept clearly defined Catholic doctrine.

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