wtorek, 6 marca 2012

The problem of tolerance

I return after a long break caused by the lack of inspiration. I decided to simply put writing aside and come back to it in the right time. Maybe this time is today. I would like to share with You my thought about tolerance, which has recently become an utterly fashionable slogan. In spite of its apparent logic it is in fact an internally contradictory concept which may be easily disproved, using one example.

Let's assume that someone is "intolerant". He speaks infavourably about a group of people. A few people would come on stage straightaway, accusing the person of being intolerant. Is this, however, just? Since we are obliged to tolerate every outlook, why we should not tolerate one of them? What is more, when we accuse someone of being intolerant then we do not tolerate that person and therefore become intolerant. This is how a vicious circle is created, which proves the lack of logic in the currently promoted idea of tolerance.

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