piątek, 2 grudnia 2011

The wind of changes in Europe.

The winter is coming to Lublin. Temperature drops and the weather is more winter-like. In addition, a strong wind is blowing today. Fortunately, I have no reasons to go outside, so I can listen the sounds of the gale, having a cup of hot chocolate and reading The Daily Telegraph. Recently I became really fond of the newspaper.  It includes information, which does not reach the Polish media. A simple conclusion stems from the news: much more powerful gale will run throughout the Europe than the one which today is rolling in the Capital of Eastern Poland.  It will be the wind of changes Prime Minister Harold Macmillan spoke about 50 years ago in the context of the situation in Africa. The wind attacked Eastern Europe in the late nineties, where it caused the complete destruction of the Soviet Union and spread of democracy. In the last few months the portentous signals of the following change of the direction from western to eastern could be seen: the crisis in Greece sweeping the other countries, “the indignant” protests, more and more frequent  speeches against the Brusselan Empire… When this mighty element finally reach the hut called the European Union, we will witness the fall of the other nonsensical political creature from the last century. I promised myself that in this day I will buy a bottle of Smirnoff and together with my dearest people celebrate this event till dawn. Simultaneously I would like to highlight that I am not an adversary of integration of the Old Continent. I do not mind students exchanges, economic cooperation or facilities in the sphere of goods traffic. I completely reject, however,  the present shape of the European Union. A bureaucratic empire was created. It tries to issue legal act, dictating few hundred millions people what to do regardless of their culture and conditions in their country. A few knew from the very beginning what a mistake is trying to create a superstate, others are blind even today.  Nonetheless, one thing is beyond any doubt: the European Union in the present shape shall not endure even the next two years.

To end with, a graphic presenting the difference between EU and USSR:

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